Abortion Is Morally Wrong?

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Abortion is one of the most divisive, controversial issues in today’s culture. Generally, there are two main stances one may take regarding the issue. However, many people hold views that are less extreme and do not favor one position or the other. One philosopher, Don Marquis, is against abortion in his essay, “Why Abortion is Immoral.” He opens his paper with the statement that the view of abortion as seriously immoral has not received much support, while the anti-abortion position is supported due to “irrational religious dogma” and a “seriously confused philosophical argument” (Vaughan 317). The basic argument Marquis proposes is presented as:
1) It is morally (prima facie) wrong, except in extreme circumstances, to cause anything the loss of a valuable future.
2) Abortion causes a fetus the loss of a valuable future.
3) Therefore, abortion is morally wrong and impermissible, except under extreme circumstances.

Don Marquis answers the question, “Why is it wrong to kill?” using the premises above. He conveys that murder is wrong. This explanation is to sustain his case that abortion is in the same category as killing an innocent human being and “that the overwhelming majority of deliberate abortions are seriously immoral” (Vaughan 318). In this way, he attempts to pursue his argument without dependence on “religious claims or Papal dogma,” allowing for no “objection of ‘speciesism,’” and permitting a soundness “with the moral permissibility of euthanasia and

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