Abortion Related To The Safety Of The Rape

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An abortion is a medical or surgical procedure that ends a pregnancy. Many people believe that a fetus has the right to life like any other human being but they also believe that they don’t have the right to tell any woman what she has to do with her body. Many people believe that abortion is murder and is morally wrong. Abortion has lead to millions of innocent deaths. A majority of women have abortions each year because of a variety of reasons such as rape, incapability of raising a child, etc. Abortion has been legal in the country since 1973 and the abortion rights battle rages on with supporters and opponents. 1.06 million abortions occur each year.
Some of the medical issues concerning abortion are related to the safety of the …show more content…

Entire generations of lives have been lost due to abortion and this absence of population growth will have a negative economic effect. Of the 200,000 women who were forcibly raped, one-third was either too old or too young to get pregnant. That leaves 133,000 at risk for pregnancy. Annually 46 million babies die from abortion worldwide (Abortion Should Be Legal in Every Case). That’s approximately one baby being aborted every two …show more content…

All abortion is murder, and late-term abortion is a particularly shocking procedure that should not be allowed. There have been over 50 million (Late-term Abortions Should Be Banned) “live-birth” deaths. The United States allows each state to make certain restrictions on late-term abortion. Women who are in their second or third trimester often have a compelling need for abortion. They are often young children who are victims of incest or are incapable of raising a child. Some may be women who desperately want a child, but find out that their baby has a disorder. The reality is that some women have pregnancies that they did not plan and have no desire to continue and, therefore, they seek abortion—legal or not, safe or not. It is totally wrong to not give or to deny a child its right to live on the earth with every other human. People are taking the side of the United Sates should not allow abortion to be a practice. It is immoral and it is murder to the baby in the womb. If you do not want the child you birthed you can give it up for adoption, and not kill it when it has no say. People, as well as myself, feel that abortion is against their

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