Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address

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Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address (1865) Page, 229. 1. Abraham Lincoln wrote second Inaugural Address in March 1865. I believe he wrote it because the cause of the civil war was slavery, since he blames that God was a cause of the Civil War and slavery. Lincoln also wanted the North and south to put aside their issues that divide them in order to heal their “broken arms”. 2. This document reflects the reveals that the Civil War was occurring during the time period. It also introduces the time Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The cost of the Civil War was the lives of people. The document reflected the brutality of slavery, so Abraham Lincoln went through measures on attempting to abolish slavery. 3. The course textbook best relates to the document that was written by Abraham Lincoln. The course textbook and the document both imply that “they were fighting to gain a country”. The Voices of Created Equal: Volume 1 book implies, that how the government claimed no night to do nothing than restrict the territorial enlargement of slavery (p.230). 4. The reason on why Abraham Lincoln wrote this speech is because he wanted the North and the South to put aside their issues and to become one, to be more specific “a country”. Abraham Lincoln speaks about God and how that American slavery is an offense which, in the providence of God, but now in this time his wills to remove slavery, and that he gives both North and South the terrible war. Abraham Lincoln invokes God’s power
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