Abstinence Education Is Essential Knowledge Needed

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Gordon 9

Samantha Gordon

Prof. Hayman

Eng. 101

Dec. 22, 2016

Abstinence Education

?Since most parents are reluctant to talk about sex, schools have tried to fill the gap. In America, when we decide to ignore a subject, our favorite form of denial is to teach it incompetently. Familiarity without true understanding is not only the basis of our families but of our educational system as well. When it comes to sex, Americans have been reluctant to spell it out since the time of?The Scarlet Letter? (Smith).
In America sex education is essential knowledge needed, because of a constant increase of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and unplanned pregnancies. This isn?t just an issue affecting teens and adults; it is a danger that even sinks its claws into the children and preteens of the younger generation. This is a horrific thought in itself. However, we can take preventive measures to help educate and prevent in just about every case with the power of knowledge and that?s our greatest tool to combat these atrocities.
[Double thesis] People who oppose abstinence education think such programs lead to higher teen pregnancies along with a long list of STDs. On the other hand, people who favor them say this is the sole way to guarantee you will not get pregnant or catch any STD while might see this as a somewhat come of as ignorance.

[Common Ground]

We can all agree no one wants their children to contract or suffer from STDs. No one wants to encourage teen pregnancy.
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