Accounting As A Career

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As the decision of where I will attend college next year quickly approached, I decided to investigate the major I have chosen, Accounting. Because my goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I would like to know more of what it entails. Dealing with numbers, and recording and projecting the earnings of a company, accountants are placed with the responsibility of keeping track of the moneys of a business. God has blessed me with skills in the areas of mathematics and organization, which caused me to look for an occupation that utilizes both. Accounting seemed a logical choice since they largely work with numbers and organize their clients' money. In order to become a CPA, one must receive a bachelor's degree and work for a…show more content…
Auditors must follow certain rules and report the facts without bias or other influences. Performing this necessary task is essential "because it ensures the integrity of the financial information on which our economic system depends." As well as auditing, public accountants consult and offer advice to companies. "Consulting services provided by CPAs may range from brief discussions with clients in the form of consultations or may involve larger initiatives such as implementation, transaction, or support services." Consulting allows accountants to move from company to company, giving them a wide array of knowledge regarding the running of different companies and how to handle certain situations. Public accountants can choose to specialize in taxes, auditing, consulting, or a plethora of other opportunities. Another type of accounting that interested me was management accounting. Often referred to as industrial or private accountants, "management accountants analyze and interpret the financial information corporate executives need to make

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