Ad Simpson: A Fictional Narrative

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“There’s something else you should know…” began Ad. Simpson. “Yes?” responded Aella. “She has a few peculiarities…we heard she did not required a mask to breathe on Hamartano, but that she is indeed human. Traits like these were common among the Sagan crew,” said Ad. Simpson. “I see, so this is what you meant by engineered for a purpose?” asked Aella. “Yes. She also took two prisoners from the planet; one was Atherian and the other was—” began Ad. Simpson. “The other S.A.F.E. Haven survivor?” interjected Aella. “Precisely—he is of particular interest to me,” spit Ad. Charles. “Why the interest?” asked Aella. “His adaptations—I’ve been trying to get my hands on him for months, but I’ve been waiting to get a specific team together for …show more content…

“What type of adaptations are you referring to? Can he also breathe on Hamartano’s surface unmasked?” “Yes, and he can regenerate his skin. He is a force to be reckoned with, he has survived on Hamartano for several years now,” said Ad. Charles. “It sounds like Widdle and this prisoner are remnants of some sort of wasted experiment,” responded Aella. “Yes, and I would like to restart that experiment,” sniffed Ad. Charles. “Proceed with caution, I don’t know about Widdle’s capabilities, but Ned Hartly— the prisoner she aided—is a ruthless murdered. And not surprising, the pair of them have gained the support of the Crilion government. This could be a difficult assignment for you,” said Ad. Simpson. “I can handle it,” Aella replied. “Good, we would like you to kill the boy Widdle took from assimilation. He went by Jackary Widdle, but we want you to capture the two S.A.F.E. Haven members,” said Ad. Simpson. “I have some things to learn from them,” smiled Ad. …show more content…

“That is unclear—” started Ad. Simpson. “It said the prisoner was from Clarious, Simpson,” interrupted Ad. Charles. “Yes, but I don’t believe she would take the boy there, if Widdle is to go anywhere it would be Crilion. We’ve received several leaks of Crilion spies smuggling assimilation survivors there,” said Ad. Simpson. “Assimilation survivors?” gasped Aella. “Yes, they have not all be accounted for, even on your watch, Aella,” remarked Ad. Simpson. Aella felt warm as she stood in front of the two admiralors. Anger began to wrap around her. “We have heard insider information that the Crilion rebellion plans on interfering with a terraforming experiment on Clarious. We are planning an ambush,” continued Ad. Charles. “Widdle will most certainly be among those to go.” “How do you know this?” demanded Aella. “We have our spies,” smiled Ad. Charles. “Yes, but I do not foresee them taking the assimilation refugees to this battle,” added Ad. Simpson. “My spy on the inside will ensure otherwise,” snarled Ad. Charles. “Then, Aella can corner her target.” Ad. Simpson fell silent. “Clarious—this is where you shall go,” said Ad.

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