Addiction : An Effective Intervention And Counseling Plan Essay

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Abstract Addiction is a tricky word with varying definitions depending on who is defining it. Although the definitions may differ, it does not take away from the seriousness of the illness. The seriousness of addiction requires an intricate intervention and counseling plan. It does not target one specific population. All populations maybe affected by addiction in some way which is why it is important for the counseling plan to be diverse in nature and targeted directly toward the individual and not the population. The primary responsibility and well-being of the client is to the counselor. This is why counselors must abide by the rules and regulations detailed in the ACA Code of Ethics and also the GA State Board Rules & Regulations.

Introduction In this case study, a woman was given an ultimatum to go to counseling for her increasing drinking habit by her husband. The woman describes herself as a working mom and wife that occasionally drinks to decrease her stress level. She sees it as way to unwind but her husband feels that it is unhealthy. During the session, the client comes off as defensive and is reluctant to change her thought process of her drinking. The counselor confronts her about her faulty thinking and pushes her to see the drinking as a problem. Although the client is still hesitant to address the issue, she does realize that she has a lot to lose if she doesn’t, and agrees to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
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