Addiction To Social Media Addiction

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Social Media addiction infection Social media is a part of everyone’s life. Social media issues has impacted in every young person’s life, whether it’s a relationship on Snapchat, having public fights with friends on Twitter, or throwing and inviting people to post party details on Facebook. Whether it’s at school or at home, social media impacted many people’s lives with its advance technology and fast speed messages. Social media has targeted teens into keeping a status online so that everyone who uses social media can see too. But sometimes teens get into social media so much, that they forget what is more important than looking at a phone. Teens’ relationship to social media addiction is a big issue because teens develop depression, which makes them forget who they are. Teenagers are mostly attracted to the performances of social media. Many researchers are discovering a mass number of trouble between social media and mental health challenges. These range from distress to teen depression. Researcher, Elliot Panek, has been researching with teens and their relationship with social media. He notices that teens have become depressed with the results of hateful comments about the way they look. “The present survey analysis assesses the extent to which restricted media use in childhood affects amounts of social media use among a sample of young adults and how self-control affects this relation.” (Elliot). Cyberbullying is the most common way to get

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