Adlerian Art Therapy Dissertation

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Many people have heard the expression that art is a projection of the soul. Art gives us the way to not only express ourselves, but as well as tell a story that our conscious mind cannot. From some, they believe art is simply a hobby, or perhaps something that only hangs in museums; however, many others, and I as well, believe that art has the “powers” to be something more than what the subject has previously been defined as. While art is quite has been stereotyped in such way as “decorations or [art] hang[ing] in a museum, there are purposes for art, ones that are connected to self understanding” (Malchiodi 2). I believe that art has the capability of healing past traumas, and creating a bridge to help some people move on with their lives. Art is an astounding idea of creation through the hands of humans. I believe that each piece of art contains a part of every person’s life. With that idea stated, questions may arise as to what the idea of the human soul and art pertain to. Art can be a form of treatment that can help delve into the minds and bring forth ideas and images that may have been otherwise trapped in the person’s mind who may have trouble verbalizing this memory. In many cases, people don’t quite understand what art therapy quite is. In Cathy Malchiodi’s book, The Art Therapy Sourcebook, she, rather humorously, explains how many people have asked her what art therapy actually is. For example, one man asked her if art therapy was fixing bad art pieces, as

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