Admenation Of The Great Gatsby

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Moderator – Your Excellencies, distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen. It is my pleasure to be the moderator for this panel discussion. I’m Winnie Shang, and on behalf of XXX, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of you in joining us this evening.
It is well-known that the Gatsby is an outstanding and classic story. It discusses issues of post-war society, the American dream, love and wealth which still attracts the attention of the audience today. However, as the story becomes more popular, more and more people are asking the hottest question, is Gatsby worth calling great?
In order to conclude the best answer for today’s discussion, we have with us a well-known novelist, Jay McInerney, who is the expert on The Great Gatsby and is determined by his unique vision and skill at character analysis. We are also delighted to have Tom Buchanan, the arrogant, hypocritical bully in the story and our distinguished guest from the audience, Rebecca Chai to join our discussion, welcome! Please give them a round of applause for them.
Now, without further ado, I would like to begin by asking each of the guests a basic question, do you think Gatsby is great, or not? Why? Let’s start with you, Mr. Mcinerney, give us your opinion.
Jay McInerney – Okay, Winnie, thank you very much. Let me begin by thanking the panelists for coming all this distance to be with us. Especially Tom, he had come a long, long way from East Egg, in fact, I think Tom just arrived from New York City

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