Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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a) Adolf Hitler and his men.
b) Organizing what was to be the killing and genocide of the Jewish people that spread through most of Europe. This is known as the Holocaust.
c) 1933-1945
d) Germany
e) Collaborator’s during the Holocaust such as Hitler and the brown shirts. Worked together to complete the genocide of roughly eleven million people. When Hitler rose to power in Germany, he became the collaborator directing all germans to begin what is known as the Holocaust. This is significant because when he was elected, no one knew what he had plans to do. He went from a war hero to a mass murder.

2.Nuremberg Laws (1935):

a) These laws were forced upon the Germans
b) Germans were not allowed to make any sort of love relationship to that of the Jewish religion.
c) 1935
d) Germany
e) The Nuremberg laws were significant because if Germans were to marry a Jew, they could end up becoming Jewish and having children. This would vastly increase the Jewish population. All these people would still be transferred to camps, putting even more people to death.

3.Final Solution:

a) European Jews and others killed in the Holocaust
b) The Nazi came to the idea to put the Jewish people to death. This killed six million Jews.
c) 1941-1945
d) Concentration camps in Europe
e) This final solution was significant because after many years of torturing and starving the Jews in ghettos and camps, they were put to death. This killed six million Jewish people and between eleven

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