Advancements During The Roaring Twenties Essay

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The twenties in the United States are thought to be full of prosperity, music, dancing, and happiness. The 1920’s are often referred to as the “roaring twenties,” but many histories purpose that this is not a correct interpretation of this time period. America may have not been good for the some of the lower class in this time period, but the 1920’s were fantastic for most of the middle and upper class living in urban cities. The advantages of this time period did outweigh the bad, which is why the 1920’s are called the “roaring twenties.” Women’s roles changed during this time period. The “roaring twenties” gave rise to new music styles. During this decade American’s saw technology advance in many new ways.
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He was an African American man from New Orleans, Louisiana, who could play the trumpet, cornet, and sing. Listening and dancing to jazz was a favorite pastime for a lot Americans in the 1920’s.
After recently suffering through a recession, America began to prosper economically. During the 1920’s the nation’s manufacturing output rose by more than sixty percent (Brinkley, 634). There were many technology advances during this time period. The automobile became one of the most important industries in the nation (Carr-Wilcox, March 4, 2013). Auto manufactures had to purchase steel, rubber, gasoline, oil, and tools, which in turn gave rise to these industries. The radio became a popular technology. By the end of the 1920’s almost every family in America had a radio in their household. Even the bases of the earliest computers were being made during the 1920’s. Technology had a huge impact on the communication of people in the twenties.
The “roaring twenties” had their bad times towards the end of the decade, but those bad times were completely outweighed by all the advances America made during this time period. America experienced a time of prosperity and economic expansion during the 1920’s. Women were given the right to vote during this decade. American’s began to experience the joys that jazz music could bring into their lives. American became the richest and most powerful country in the world

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