Advantages And Disadvantages Of Decriminalization

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Decriminalization defined as something that before this was illegal become legal. In the other words, it is to take out criminal punishments for or evacuate legitimate limitations against. It is the reverse process from the criminalization. Decriminalization basically is one of the term used to change the rules or law based on current situations. It is technically a term of remove or reduce the criminal status or act. People always have confusion on the different between decriminalization and legalisation. The big different between this two term is legalisation will take out or terminated any law that prohibited on an act or law while decriminalization will only terminated the criminal charges on the act. In the decriminalization, although an act has been decriminalized, people still need license or permission on performing it while legalisation once has been approved, there is no longer law or rules apply on it. There are many countries that has been through decriminalization on many things. Some of the act that has been decriminalized are prostitution, public nudity, abortion and many…show more content…
It is the term of law that need to go through a long process and required a deep investigation in order to implement it. The government need to go through into society and predict the advantages and disadvantages of the action in order to ensure the society safety. They also need to consider the needs and necessity to apply it. If the result show that it is not necessary for government to consider it, in the other words it has more disadvantages than advantages, the decriminalization will not be held. As an example, there was once when decriminalization of attempted suicide law become one of the hot topics in many country such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore and also Malaysia. So far, India is one of the that already decriminalized suicide. Malaysia decided to not considering suicide because it bring more harm than
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