Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Additive Manufacturing

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Introduction. The revolution that has led to additive manufacturing technologies for different sectors has produced a paradigm shift. Medicine, aeronautics, automotive, fashion ... most fields with manufacturing processes have incorporated innovations such as the printing of 3D materials that contribute a high added value and have great potential for the future. Additive manufacturing provides a number of advantages that outweigh the benefits of the traditional industry.
The direct manufacture of complex geometries allows to simplify the number of steps of production or to eliminate the need for tools, which allows to be able to produce of an economic way already from the first unit. In addition, the time required is greatly reduced. If we …show more content…

[1]. Laser additive manufacturing (LAM) is one of the most important AM processes for processing metal alloys. One of the applications most used today from the LAM processes is the development and commercialization of metal parts for concrete machines, as well as their repair and regeneration. An example of the technologies involved are laser metal deposition (LMD), selective sintered laser (SLS) and selective laser fusion …show more content…

Especially for large volume the production speed in additive manufacturing does not allow an economical usageof this technology. Therefore, the inclusion of additive processes into the production chain of conventional manufacturing is part of the recent research, which concludes hybrid processes. The additive manufacturing is a sequenced method the combined processes should be repeatable in sequences as well. The most obvious combination is the additive manufacturing process with a subtractive process liNe milling. Both technologies require a 5Yaxis machine for a full three dimensional processing. Akula [10] integrated a machine for Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) into a CNC milling system. For the final hybrid process a deposited layer is milled planar before the next layer gets deposited. Eleven to nearYnet shape is achieved, the required profile is milled to complete the

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