Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living With Family

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Living alone or living with family has its advantages and disadvantages which include the amount of responsibilities, freedom and financial stability a person has.The majority of young adults for years dream about the day they finally get to move out of their parents home and start living independently. Suddenly when it's time to move out and live on their own it becomes overwhelming. Most teenagers think they are ready to take on the responsibility of living independently but when reality sets in, they realize that providing for themselves is surprisingly more difficult than living with their family.

When living with parents a good portion of responsibility a young adult is given are tasks to get them prepared for early adulthood. This means sharing responsibilities that contribute to the house such as chores. For example, today they’re responsible for washing the dishes, the next day cleaning the living room and the bathroom. A disadvantage of living with parents would be the amount of freedom that is given. For example, in most households, there is a set curfew time to be home by, and the consequences of arriving late past the curfew time would be getting grounded, no internet for two days, or getting that favorite play system taken away. There is no talking on the phone past certain hours, not being allowed to go to that concert that’s been on their to-do list because mom and dad would rather have them stay home. Although their freedom is limited, for the most part,

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