Advantages Of Free Trade

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Should America allow free trade? Yes, I think America should allow free trade. Free trade can form a mutually beneficial international division of labor. Under free trade, countries can compare interests and factors in terms of natural conditions. It specializes in the production of products which are more advantageous or less unfavorable. This international division of labor can bring many benefits, such as the benefits of specialization, and the optimal allocation of elements. The conservation of social resources and technological innovation. Expand real national income. According to their endowments, every country can develop a department with comparative advantages. The elements will be allocated and applied rationally and effectively, and trade can be exchanged for more items with less fee, so as to increase national wealth. Free trade, as a result of the import of cheap goods, the reduction of national expenditure. Free trade can strengthen competition. Reduce monopoly. Improve economic efficiency. Under the conditions of free trade, enterprises should compete with foreign counterparts. This will eliminate or weaken the monopoly power, and in the long run, it can promote the economic growth of a country. The advantage of free trade. We should make full use of our country's cheap and rich resources to improve the efficiency of the use of resources. China has a resource advantage. But because of the low level of economic development, a large number of resources are

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