Advantages Of Guide Dogs

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Within the past few years the availability of guide dogs in public places have been growing. For instance, one could spot a guide dog along with its human partner easily in public. Guide dogs are assistance dogs that are trained to lead typically blind people with everyday tasks. The idea of a guide dog is essentially a human using their power to train a dog of a qualified guide dog breed for their own benefits. However, I feel that this is acceptable because throughout the process of training the puppy for it to become a certified guide dog, the trainers do not use any cruel or harmful methods that hurt the puppy, although these future guide dogs start learning good manners and basic commands such as “sit” and “down” at the mere age of …show more content…

Amusement parks, circuses, and zoos are places that are very popular and well-liked among tourists, or even locals. One thing they all have in common are performances that use captive wild animals to perform for the entertainment of humans. These places have shows involving different animals such as elephants, dolphins, and orcas. Many the times, the animals that perform are captured at a very young age and forcefully taken away from their families (Humane Decisions). They are not even treated acceptably at the very least. Us humans being the superior species, we capture and keep them in enclosures that are totally different from their natural habitat, with them being unable to fight back and free themselves. This is due to the fact that humans have greater control over animals. The trainers use whips and tasers to force the animals to perform tricks that they do not want to and are not born to do. These equipment are used for punishment- based training which make these animals experience emotional and physical abuse and trauma ( harmful actions done unto the animals leave the animals both physically and mentally hurt, as their skin would be swollen and painful. The amusement parks do all this just for the sake …show more content…

Blood donation among humans is very common. Although blood donation is more common among humans, there is also dog-to-dog blood donation, where a human can bring their dog to a veterinarian to have their blood drawn to be donated to other needy dogs with the same blood type group, especially during critical and life-saving procedures ( When humans own a dog, they have power over the dog and can choose to donate their dog’s blood. In this case, the humans can choose to bring their dog to a veterinarian to be a canine blood donor. After a dog donates their blood, a reward in the form of monetary value is given to the owner, benefitting the owner ( Although the human is using their power over the dog for their own benefit, other dogs actually benefit from this as well as the blood from the donor is transfused to help dogs in need of blood. This is acceptable because in the process of the drawing of the blood from the dog, the dog’s life or health is not put at risk as blood drawing procedures for dogs do not affect the dog at all as anaesthetic cream is used to prevent discomfort ( An example is Ishka, a cross breed from Port Seton, East Lothian, who is a blood donor. Ishka’s blood was donated to Casey, a border collie who was desperately ill due to her

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