Advantages Of Reconstruction

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In 1865, following after the civil war, the reconstruction period was underway. Reconstruction lasted from 1865 to 1877, which its primary purpose was to rebuild the nation and become unified. Reconstruction allowed four million slaves the chance to experience freedom for the first time ever before. Yet, during the process of rebuilding the South, it stirred up new substantial challenges. Sadly, many white union soldiers had complete control over areas of the South and demanded black southerners to follow their orders. Poverty, racism, segregation, and discrimination were major components and still continue today. To this day some people still dispute whether or not the era did indeed reconstruct America. However, I believe that reconstruction was a success because it allowed for America to be called the United States again. By becoming a unified nation, it was able to heal the battle wounds and scars caused from the war that took a dent in the nation. Reconstruction granted African Americans citizenship and voting rights, the Freedmen's Bureau allowed African Americans to recover from the war, and the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were ratified. African Americans were seen as inferior and were discriminated by whites prior to the reconstruction. It was not until people started taking action and standing up for equality. New constitutions were being drafted by every confederate state till 1877. The South needed a significant amount of recovery from the war,

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