Affirmative Action Is Not All Equal Essay

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Affirmative action was first created to make up for the wrongful treatment of minorities in the past. In just a few short words affirmative action is a set of rules or policies for all companies in the United, designed to give minorities a more equal chance in the work field, and in the field of education. Many people believe that affirmative action can be very beneficial and in some ways it can be, but only if it is being used correctly. I believe that we have come to a point where affirmative action is no longer needed.
The main argument for eliminating affirmative action is that we are not all equal. What many people seem to forget about affirmative action is that we aren’t considering if these people are even qualified for the spot they are accepting. When places are being forced to lower their standards, to meet quotas, we all of a sudden believe that minorities will be able to fulfill them. I’m not saying that everyone that’s a minority is going to fail, but in general minorities do have a lower graduation rate. Is this because they are not ready for the college they are at? Or is it just because they gave up? If colleges put a minimum on GPA or ACT score, don’t you think those were put in place for a reason? We have to consider that some of these people will be in way over their heads, and that they may not be able to keep up with the standards of a certain college, or job opportunity.
Many people believe that just because you are part of a minority, you are a lower

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