Africa Has Had Some Atrocities Occur In Its History. One

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Africa has had some atrocities occur in its history. One of those was the tyranny of King Leopold. In order to gain control of Congo King Leopold would use violent force and control economic monopolies. His violence was fairly unknown by the rest of the world until some missionaries and other Europeans came into Africa and witnessed the horrors. The missionaries would go on to write about what they experienced and spread the word to inform society of what is occurring. Most of the violence done by King Leopold was coming from the hands of his military called the Force Publique. They would do brutal things like hold family members hostage of citizens who did not fallow King Leopold’s orders. Performing amputations especially on kids were …show more content…

A majority of the missionaries were catholic and Leopold himself also practice Catholicism so he used his religion in order to cover up what he was doing. One missionary that was different from the other was William Sheppard. Instead of forcing his religion on people he got to know and understand the way of life of the people in Africa. He first stumbled upon a Kuba tribe. They at first were hostile towards him and were even going to behead him but later they decided that their ancestor’s spirits were living through him. This tribe was deep in the Congo forests and were protected from most of the other tribes and the Congo government. Even though the tribe didn’t accept Christianity, Sheppard still stayed because he was able to make relationships with the people there. Sheppard, like many other missionaries at the time, was trying to add relief for captives and other distressed people. William Sheppard was different from other missionaries however because he was African American. He had a white supervisor who he was friends with. His inspiration for going to Congo was because of a movement for slaves in America to go back to Africa. He stayed in Africa for quite some time though because of the relationships he made and because of the things he witnessed. He discovered amputated children who had their limbs amputated due to low productivity from family members in the

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