African American Literature : Phillis Wheatley, Frances Harper, And Robert Hayden

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When the country of Africa is discussed in the year of 2017, there is a common notion that materialize in the depths of most people’s minds. These thoughts are usually guided by a societal stereotype that is unfair to the indigenous peoples of Africa, but also consistent compared to the preceding generations beliefs. Africa is often looked at as a congregate of underprivileged, destitute black people. Although this proposition is far from truth, this idea was part of the reason that African American slavery and the Middle Passage came to fruition. Even former slaves and civil rights activists have different perceptions of Africa. Phillis Wheatley, Frances Harper, and Robert Hayden are three extremely important figures in the history of African American literature. Their most well known work revolves around the topic of slavery. Within their works of literature, all three authors effectively recount the inhumane and morbid conditions placed upon the slavery of African Americans, but their individual depictions of the country of Africa differ. Although Wheatley, Harper, and Hayden would disagree on how they viewed Africa, does not mean that one person is correct; In fact, each author has justifiable reasons to why they describe Africa the way they did. Phillis Wheatley, who has a very important place in African American history, reveals unanticipated feelings towards her home country. She is known as the first African American, African American Woman at that, to publish a

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