Essay about African and Native American Influence in America

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The African American slave influence in the beginnings of American culture and technology and Native Americans of the North American Continent were significant in creating America. By revealing the different ways this achieved, we can see the work and techniques that drove the new country and how this created by the political, as well as ideological ramifications of their labors. With all of these contributions to the new country of the United States, we see that the formation of the world power built on the principles that the early settlers created in their work.
White Europeans who controlled the continent held many similar views. These outsiders included the Native Americans and the African Americans. Both inhabits were treated in
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Early European explorers noticed that the Native Americans had a system of communication through sign language. According to H. Angel (2011), different tribes broke their individual language barriers by using a universal system of signs. This was predominant in the plains regions where the different tribes would gather to trade and hunt. During the gatherings, this universal system of signs was even used to tell stories and hold ceremonies. This language was known as PISL (Plains Indian Sign Language).
Farming was the way of life for the Indians. Indians had farmed almost all of their food products, with the exception of meats. The farming of corn, wheat, and barley were most intriguing to the Europeans. The Europeans took these new crops back to the Old World where they introduced them to the Kings. Once, the value of these crops was discovered Kings from all over the Old World funded more and more trips back to the New World. According to A. Brinkley (pg. 15), such foods as squash, pumpkins, beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes all found their way into European diets. With all their intriguing gadgets, the white men brought deadly diseases to the Native Americans.
These diseases ranged from the measles to the small pox. Many Indians were exposed to these diseases and many lost their lives. The Indian’s never saw these strains of diseases and could not figure out how to treat their people and entire tribes were lost! According to N.
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