After Completion Of This Course, The Area In Which I Have

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After completion of this course, the area in which I have been the least influenced is the section religion and ethics. If I had to take a guess, I bet many students in the class choose this section to be the topic that they have not changed their opinions about from beginning of the year to the end. Religion is something that many people have a strong belief about and it is hard to convert someone to a different religion or change their opinion about a topic in that religion. FI would classify myself as an atheist. A Christian, Muslim, or Jewish person could provide me with facts about why there is a God, but no matter how believable the facts are, I am still going to believe there is no such thing as a God. In the ethical inventory, one…show more content…
The other inventory items in the religion and ethics section included there is only one true religion and what my religion says is literally true. I answered strongly disagree for these questions, both times I answered these questions. I believe everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want. Just because I believe in something does not mean it is the true religion. I could be wrong, and maybe there is a God. I will never argue with someone and say that there is absolutely no way there is a God. The beliefs that Judaism, Christianity, buddhism, and Muslims holds could be true. Maybe it could be a combination of all religions, or maybe I am right and there is no such thing as a God.
The area of ethical thinking in which I have been the most influenced by our work in this course is race, ethnicity, and ethics. At the beginning of the semester, I strongly disagreed with the sentence, morality should reflect an individual’s ethnic and cultural background. I also disagreed with the statement, moral disagreement is a good thing in society.After completion of this course, my answers to these statements changed. At the beginning of the semester, we learned about Cultural Relativism. According to the book, Cultural Relativism is, “Different cultures have different moral does. There are no
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