After High School: A Narrative Fiction

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Can you not believe that Violet!?, Ronald thought out loud as he stomped through the hallways.

"Ronnie calm down you're going to hurt your head," Violet asserted, "It's break time. Why don't you eat before fifth period."

Violet... I will never eat the food here nor would I- *stomach growls*... why...

As Ronnie's stomach started to growl he started to crave for a cake. Not again. So he went to the first floor and headed towards the cafeteria. In the cafeteria was a massive amount of students from different grade levels associating with each other about random topics. Ronnie quickly looked around to find where the nourishments were being served. He then saw a line and approached it observing how the students were receiving their food from …show more content…

last time I remember you hate seeing new faces ever since that incident you had with O-"

Carson: "Shut up!... *sigh*... look what I'm trying to say is he doesn't deserve to be isolated just for the actions we don't know he committed, and, besides, we cannot assume he did it."

Evelyn: "Then why don't you go over there and talk to him. Be friends with him. Have a pow wow."

After hearing that response, Carson turned to look at the brunette. He did not want to approach him; he did not want to be bantered for spending time with a delinquent; he did not even want to look at him because of what he saw. When Carson was little he viewed what Ronald was capable of doing. He does not know if it was him that did it, but all he know is that Ron was not like any ordinary child. He's depicted as smart, wicked, and intolerant in every eye of every human being. Ronald is unaware of people seeing him as this, and this is why Carson is afraid to even go near him as everyone else is.

"Well aren't ya going," demanded Evelyn.

"I....uhm...." answered Carson.

"I knew it," Evelyn exclaimed, "You also see him as a …show more content…

yes... actually no... but you should tell your father about this... I mean... isn't that bullying... when someone talks behind your back..."

You watch too many kids' cartoons... I'm telling you they're not worth watching... they don't really help you in real life... they just cringe make you cringe...

"I guess so... but I don't think it's okay to ignore it."

It's okay. I'll be fine. I promise.

"Please don't make a promise there's a possibility you'll break it."

Okay then I know I'll be okay 'trust me'.. better...

"Well, n-"

Okay good well, I'm off to class, see ya!

"But I have nowhere to go but follow you..."

You can take a break from looking over me. Go see what's there to be in the outside world. Go exploring. You might find that park you're looking for.

"Oh, that would be fun. It would be like a scavenger hunt."

You see you already have a plan.

"Okay, so I'll come back in two hours."

Take your time.

"Well, see you in two hours."

As Ronald waved to Violet a goodbye, he turned around and walked forward to his next class. So this is what it feels like to be alone. Ronald thought for a moment. I don-... no, I can survive this.

"Well, Ron it looks like we have the same class together," smirked Maxime as he flicked the back of Ronald's head, "Welcome to hell."


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