After the Black Death in Europe, It Is Time for a New Beginning

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Late fifteenth century and early sixteenth century Europe are classified by a time of change and the start to new beginnings. The Black Death left all of Europe in shambles and in a state of extreme disorder. The population decreased dramatically and the economic, social and political state was extremely hindered. Through the reformation and renaissance Europe finally began to somewhat recover from this catastrophe. This time of change became a cultural movement all across Europe that began to reform and mend the problems that the people were dealing with. Social changes were made regarding the hierarchy in society. Political changes were made regarding the ruling of the city-states. And economic changes were made regarding available jobs …show more content…

All these things seemed to be positive changes, but these were positive changes for the rich, the poor had a different experience during this time of change. Because of the shift in production and need for workers peasants were forced off their land and resorted to begging and wandering around asking for food or even resorting to theft. Crime became a very serious problem that many did not know how to deal with. In More’s novel Utopia there is a conversation between Hythloday and Cardinal Morton, chancellor to Henry VII, and in this conversation they argued about the “right” way to deal with the crime of theft. More believed that, “unless their crime was accompanied by violence, thieves, are neither imprisoned nor shackled but are employed, free and unconstrained, in doing public works” (More 38). Unlike the capital punishment practiced in England, More believed that thefts should taken as petty crimes and punished accordingly which is what he demonstrated in the Utopian society. This is just one instance where Utopia fixes a problem that is occurring in Europe. During the late fifteenth century and early sixteenth century many economic changes took place as well that had a major impact on Europe as a whole. To start, the population had dropped dramatically after the Black Death and as the renaissance developed the population increased greatly.

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