Against Fatalism in Western Europe

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This question has been so thoroughly ground to a pulp that if you look up the Wikipedia article on it, one of the first things you will encounter is a simple graphical taxonomy of the possible positions one can take on the issue, which allows one, assuming one believes that their position has not been preordained, to determine where one stands without dragging out the same fatigued arguments for yet another obnoxious ballyhoo. While other traditions have also dealt with this subject extensively, they have, for the most part, either been prescient or blessed enough to find other, less mind-numbingly intractable issues to validate their participation in humanity’s unofficial, though remarkably uncontested universal pastime, namely blowing each other to smithereens, which, despite it’s best efforts, inclusive humanism has roundly failed to supplant, although it may be winning the war while losing all of the battles (Pinker). It may even be possible that the intractability of this debate has contributed to the resounding success of the various and sundry teams that Western Europe has sent to the international league, since, as a central aspect of the schism between Protestant and Catholic dogmas, it may have directly or indirectly provided the ideological justification for the vast majority of European religiopolitical…
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