Agent Of Socialization Paper

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Socialization takes place every day as we interact with each other. It is “the process by which people learn the characteristics of their group” (Henslin p.71). This sociological concept is easily identifiably in the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Congregation because they use religion as an agent of socialization. In this paper, I am going to cover how our textbook describes the use of religion as an agent of socialization, then I will apply this concept to meditation, and the function this ritual provides, and conclude with the pros and cons of using this sociological concept. The use of religion as an agent of socialization plays a unique role for those who choose to participate in an organized religion, as well as those who do not. The reason …show more content…

After having sung a spiritual song, the congregation moved into the offertory part of the ceremony. The service continued to include messages left by the congregation read by the minister and a prayer offered to a higher power. Only then, does the minister ring the bell to signal the start of the meditation period. I feel as though the buildup of the uplifting song, plus having contributed to the congregation, which for many in their higher power, plus hearing messages of hope, and of suffering, left by members of the congregation, leave members primed for contemplation during the following meditation period. I believe that the cumulative effect of the ritual plays a powerful role in defining the sacredness of the meditation period, as well as shaping the morality of the members in the congregation. I feel as though the members of the church are just as progressive-minded as the church itself is, and this is because it reflects the beliefs of the congregation as well as provides support of these beliefs to the congregation. Understanding the concept of religion used as an agent of socialization in this way, helps me to better understand the aspect of meditation in the UU

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