Agriculture and the Civil War

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As far back as history records, it is almost impossible to not find agriculture during any era. Agriculture was found in dates during the biblical times and on through today’s society. With technology and advancements, all agriculture has evolved tremendously over time, especially due to many circumstances. The Civil War was a period of time when agriculture was impacted in more ways than one; good and bad. Agriculture was present before, harmed during, and pulled through after the Civil War. The two regions involved in the Civil War, otherwise known as the North and the South, were different in aspects further than economic circumstances. The North had better land for small farmsteads compared to large plantations available in the South. The North also advanced more towards urban and industrial life as opposed to the rich passion for farming and production that took place heavily in the South. The South had soil that was fertile for crop production and a climate that made the area rich for farming. Southerners made their profit almost solely on the means of agriculture that they participated in. There were few large urban areas located in this region, expect the large towns that were near water sources and used for trade with other countries. A topic highly debated before the Civil War was slavery. A white man could not operate the large plantations by himself, so he would buy slaves that would work for him for no pay. A black slave had to do everything his

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