Air Pollution

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Recently, China is experiencing a rapid urbanization which results from tremendous economic growth. As a result, large numbers of cities are suffering from air pollution. Almost two-thirds of cities in china have not met the ambient air quality standard which is applied to urban residential areas. According to Hao&
Wang (2005), it is particulate matters(PM) rather than SO2 that is the major pollution which reflecting the pollution source is transformed from coal burning to several sources of pollution Now the government should take steps to change extensive development to sustainable development which has strict regulation to push forward the replacement of clean energy resources an coal and gas burning in order to control the emission from vehicles and factories.
The rapid increase in the vehicle is the main reason for air pollution, It is anticipated that China has three times or seven times increase in the amount of vehicle. For instance, according to Shao, Tang, Zhang, Li
2006, in early 21century, the number of vehicles is 4 times what it was in the 1990s. A large population of cars made many cities suffer from terrible car emission. There several factors accounting for this phenomenon. Firstly, large population of cars great contribute to the terrible traffic jam in most main cities in China. According to the calculation from Fu, Hao, He and Li (2001), Traffic jam lowers the average driving speed, which can lead to high HC and CO emission.


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