Ajax Short Story

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Ajax was a good god, but he hated his brother zeus. Ajax was in charge of thunder. Zeus was in charge of lightning. Zeus would not help ajax make storms. One day Ajax decided to do something about it. He found a demigod, and told him to go on a quest to steal zeus’s lightning bolt. He started the quest, while Ajax was trying to think of another plan. The lightning bolt was given to Ajax a few days after he told the kid to go on a guest and steal it. Zeus did not notice that it was gone because he had another one. Ajax returned it to him. Ajax grabbed his sword and killed zeus. “Now I can control the storms by myself” said Ajax. Ajax had fun the first few times that he made the storms himself, but he got bored after a while. He wished that he had not killed his brother. Suddenly there was a loud sound. Ajax looked for the source, but he could not find anything. “It was probably my imagination” he said. Then he heard it again. Suddenly, his sister, Artimis, arose from the basement. She looked at the floor, which now had a colossal hole in it. She saw zeus’s body and screamed. “You killed our brother” she said. She looked like she was about to cry. “It” s okay” replied Ajax. “I know how to fix it” he said. Ajax started to mix mushrooms,…show more content…
“Only if it saves my brother.” she said. She went to the forest that contained the golden apple. She could not find the apple. Suddenly, she saw a bright, glowing apple in a tree. She tried to climb the tree, but she could not. She dug through her bag until she found a ladder. She leaned it against the tree. She started climbing. When she got to the top and grabbed the apple, the ladder fell. Artimis hit the ground and hurt her head. She did have the apple though. She went back to her home, and gave the apple to Ajax. He put it in the water. The water started to turn green. He put the green liquid in a bottle. He went over to zeus’s body and put the liquid in his
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