Ajax : The Iliad And Ajax

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In Ancient Greece, tensions were always high as city-states competed for resources and territories, which led to constant battles between city-states in an attempt to steal resources or territories. There are also periods where city-states banded together to fight a common enemy, like the Persians, the Trojans, or other city-states. This means that warfare was an integral part of life in ancient greece. This meant that warfare frequently appeared in classic greek literature, such as the Iliad and Ajax, although different authors have different interpretations about warfare which is shown through their work of literature, with the Iliad having warfare as a glorified battle, while Ajax is about an uncompromising hero who turned mad which driven him to commit suicide. Ajax is a Greek tragedy, written by Sophocles, that follows a greek hero named Ajax, and its follows his fate until his suicide. Ajax has a different take on warfare, because it talked about the madness that took over Ajax and the following breakdown after that which is reminiscent to PTSD. The passage 311-330 in Ajax is an example of Ajax’s PTSD, in summary the passage is after Ajax’s slaughter of the cattle, Ajax has a breakdown after Tecmessa told him what he has done. Tecmessa is worried about Ajax and is pleading to the chorus to go talk to them. The author, Sophocles, opinions on warfare is that war is just not about heroes, who are played up to have no faults, and their moments of glory, but rather that
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