Alcohol As A Dangerous Deadly Weapon

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On January 16, 1920, the government passed the 18th amendment, which banned all alcohol from being manufactured, transported, and sold in the United States. But it is ironic how the prohibition just brought in more of what it was trying to outlaw. The American citizens of course did not like this law so they eventually opened more bars and kept drinking illegally. Even going back to indigenous roots of Latino/Hispanics, alcohol has been a huge component to celebrations, traditions and social upbringings. The use of alcohol can be seen as one of the most important social lubricants in society. For nearly thousands of years, alcohol has taken the role of providing enjoyment and the capability to bring people together, which of course proves its strong influence it has on culture. Often alcohol is overlooked in society, despite the good qualities alcohol can bring among people it also has its many negative qualities. Alcohol is a dangerous deadly weapon used in the wrong way for the wrong reasons. Alcohol includes beers, wines, and liquors and the variety of alcohol has become so great in numbers that people no longer need to have a reason to drink. But unfortunately, some individuals do find reasons to drink and those reasons might be because they are trying to cope with an issue. Many individuals in the Rio Grande Valley come from broken homes and or are experiencing troubled times. Instead of talking about the problem and addressing it, individuals go to alcohol and hope to

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