Alcohol Consumption Essay

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Alcohol Consumption [Abstract] Everyone knows that alcohol has its consequences. At the same time, people don’t care and brush off the consequences in order to have a good time. This paper summarizes studies done on the physical, cognitive and emotional effects that alcohol has on people, before and after consumption. This paper accesses the effects on a person’s body, mind and soul. Alcohol affects the way a person thinks, acts, and feels. Methods include gathering statistical information and doing studies over many years with the same people. Also included in certain studies are people with a history of blackouts and alcoholism. In this paper, the stability as well as the development of alcohol consumption was investigated. This…show more content…
Just like a man, a woman believes emotionally that wine is a woman’s drink and it is considered “classy” to drink it. Another way to show that emotions effect what type of alcohol you drink is by looking at a pregnant woman. At age 27, a lot of women are married and settled down and ready to have children. In this study, all of the pregnant women above the age of 27 who were studied proved to be abstained from drinking, while the few that were not pregnant, continued to drink. The percentage of alcohol consumed by female subject decreased by 9% at age 27, and then increased again at age 32 (Koppes 186). It is a motherly instinct to abstain from drinking when a woman thinks she may be pregnant or if she is definitely pregnant. Alcohol can harm an unborn baby. Also, what other people may say to a pregnant woman determines whether that woman is going to drink. For example, if a clearly pregnant woman goes up to a bar and orders alcohol, the reaction of everyone else would probably be “Why are you drinking? You’re pregnant!” The health state of a certain woman along with what everybody else thinks about them is an example of how alcohol emotionally affects a person, even if they are not intoxicated. Cognitive. The use of alcohol causes people to change their normal way of thinking to ways that are not typical of
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