Alexander Hamilton, A Brilliant Political Theorist

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Introduction Alexander Hamilton, born in 1757, was a brilliant political theorist. Despite his poor origins, he was able to use his intelligence to raise his rank in the colonies and contribute to the founding of the United States of America. Hamilton’s role as an immigrant and soldier both helped him reach his ambition and mature the ideas he would later be famous for. His life experiences influenced his beliefs to push for a strong central government.
Influential Events in Life Born to a father who was occasionally employed as a clerk and a mother who died when he was eleven, Hamilton grew up in poverty and was left to take care of himself. His childhood led to his pessimistic views on humankind and his obsession with the concept of nobility. As a result, he strived to improve himself socially and economically, eventually leading to his immigration to the colonies. His immigration to New York caused him to be detached from the states’ rivalries and resentments. For example, he changed the location of the capital from New York, which would have been better for his state, to a location along the Potomac River in order to gain backing for his financial plan for the federal government’s assumption of state debts. In addition, although New York already paid its debts, Hamilton still created the financial plan in order to strengthen the United States. Hamilton cared more for his country than for his state, allowing him to make purposeful decisions that helped produce the

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