Alexander The Great Of The Russian Empire

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There are few topics in history that garner more attention and study than Alexander the Great. Almost everyone in the western world has heard of Alexander in school, books, or in other cultural depictions. However, his effect on the history of the world cannot be overstated. Alexander’s empire had an effect on people from the Balkans to Egypt, and from Babylon to India. His empire resolved the long standing conflict between the Persians and Greeks, established multiple cities across the Middle East and central Asia, had an influence on a future Indian emperor, and some of the remnants of his empire lasted until the time of the Roman Empire. The empire of Alexander not only had a prominent place in history, but also contributed to advancements in military tactics of the ancient world. The rise and fall of the Macedonian Empire, under Alexander the Great, is one of the most influential events of history, and had long reaching effects that lasted until the time of the Roman Empire. In order to see the origins of the empire of Alexander, it is important to understand the previous conflicts between the Persian Empire and those on the Balkan Peninsula, such as the Greek city states and Macedon. This conflict was the preface behind Alexander’s conquest of the Persian Empire, and his future conquests in Egypt, Central Asia, and India. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the Greco-Persian wars lasted half a century, with multiple wars being fought between the Greek city states and
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