Alexander The Great: The Success Of Alexander The Great

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One of the greatest and most successful generals in the history was Alexander the Great. He was a brilliant, patient and often a devious man who never decided something without rigorous planning. Alexander made decisions with an extremely high speed and took extraordinary risks, his success was achieved by his show of sheer force and will to overcome. During his lifetime, he defeated the Persians, Greeks, conquered Egypt and Asia Minor, and secured the Mediterranean Sea.
Alexander was born in 356 BC. In the summer of 336 BC Philip( alexander’s father, and the king of Greece at that time) was assassinated, and Alexander ascended by the Macedonian throne. He found himself surrounded by enemies from everywhere near and far, and disposed of these …show more content…

At the river Granitic, near the ancient city of Troy, he attacked and smashed an army of Persian and Greek mercenaries, according to tradition, lost about 110 men. Continuing south, Alexander encountered the main and much larger Persian army at a mountain pass near the city of Issus, commanded by King Darius the third. Darius and 10,000 men escaped but none the less the battle of Issus in 333 BC, ended in a wonderful victory for Alexander.
Following his glorified success at Issus, Alexander then led the army( of 50,000 thousand troops) to south across Asia Minor. Actually, it is not the Persians but the Greek coastal cities which gave the greatest resistance to the Macedonians. The Greek commander Agamemnon and his men slowed down the advance of Alexander, and many Macedonians died during the long and difficult sieges of the Greek cities of Halicarnassus, Milieus, Amylase. But at the end the Macedonian army defeated the enemy and conquered the coast of Asia Minor. Alexander then turned northward to central Asia Minor, to the city of Gordimer. Gordimer was a home of the famous legend who's called Gordian Knot. Alexander knew the legend who said that the man who could untie the ancient knot was destined to rule the entire world. Till that date no one had succeeded in uniting the knot. But the young Macedonian king simply slashed it with his sword and unraveling its

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