Alexander The Great : The Success Of Alexander The Great

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Sydney Van Hoorebeke 12-12-17 Hist 1101 Mrs. Stacey Fitch The Greatness in the Great Born to parents, Philip II and mother Olympia, Alexander III , also known as Alexander the Great, was the king of Macedonia from 336 - 323 B.C.E. Students usually learn about Alexander sometime in high school but he is often referred to as Alexander the Great in education. Was he really all that “great” though? This is the question that many students and educators are beginning to ask themselves. Often remembered for shaping the course of history during the Hellenistic Era due to all of his extraordinary achievements, Alexander the Great truly earned his title of being the Great. Some examples of why Alexander the Great earned his name would be his dedication to the Kingdom of Macedon, his military strategies and preparedness, and his conquering and foundings of land and famous cities. While “great” may seem like a fairly common word, it should be used carefully and only in cases where it is deserved. Think about the different meanings of the word “great” and make connections with some of the accomplishment that Alexander the Great was able to achieve in order to see the true greatness Alexander possessed and the greatness that lives on in his legacy. Dedicated and driven are words that describe Alexander the Great’s attitude and way of ruling. At the early age of 19 Alexander’s father, Philip II, was assassinated, leaving the Kingdom of Macedon without a ruler. Though he was young,

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