Alfred Hitchcock 's The Mind Of A Killer

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When looking inside the mind of a killer what do you expect to find? Alfred Hitchcock has directed a film that does not need to shock the viewer with mere jumps and shadows, but makes you question characters on a psychological level. Psycho, alludes to the fact that the main character will be or will be dealing with the films own deranged, crazed protagonist. Instead Hitchcock’s telling on Norman Bates as a type of Psycho was built and is something the audience was unprepared for. Main characters: Distracted by her own troubles and perhaps confined by her own politeness over her own uneasiness secretary Marion Crane falls victim to a mere outburst stemming from Norman’s psychotic mind. Her lover and sister will go on a hunt for her and what they uncover is the core of what makes this film an iconic classic. From the moment the audience steps and sees things from Norman’s perspective his quaint awkward quirks become inexcusable disturbing acts that develop further through the film. The frustration of wanting to understand and predict Norman is taken away from the audience when the therapist over clarifies the motives and reasons for Norman’s behavior directly to the audience. The reveal ruins it. The chilling thrill that the reveal of Norman’s insane and murderous behavior was too soon snuffed out quickly by explanation. In the yellow wallpaper the climax of the story is when the main character finally faces and attacks the yellow wallpaper to free the trapped woman inside.
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