All A False Hood, And Farther From Reality

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If one were to ask the following, “What does it mean to be human?” the answer would generally vary from person to person. However, as humans there are certain characteristics unique to us, that separate humans from other species as well as nonliving things. These characteristics regard to the human condition, the meaning of humanity. Despite the variability in such response from person to person, there are characteristics of the human condition that are common to humans as a whole. In great exposure to humanity and its condition, one must not look very far to see that lives so perfectly portrayed on movies and on television, in books and in magazines, are all a false hood, and farther from reality. The life of a human is often said to be beautiful--however, in deep analysis of the concept of living and of life itself, it is evident that living is marked by pain and sorrow, that there truly is no such thing as happiness, and the only way to make peace with this notion is by living in the present. Before I begin, I myself would like to define and clarify terms that will appear numerously through this continuum of this text. In reference to the terms, “we” and “us,” it should be noted that these terms refer to human beings, unless otherwise noted. As previously addressed in the opening of this text, life is often portrayed media—be it books, television, movies, and the like, as full of happiness and joy. While this is often the case, and the moments that we, as humans, focus…
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