All Angels Must Fall Essay

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Eve Elizabeth Jane was an ordinary 6 year old girl. She was sweet, kind and angelic, and today was her birthday, Friday October 13, 1995. Eve has just come from her party. She ran upstairs into her room and found a doll on her bed. It was the spitting image of her, golden curls, big bright blue eyes, wearing a pink satin dress with ruffles and bows. She played with the doll, brushing her hair and telling her stories. She was so intrigued by the doll and occupied by playing with her that she didn't notice the storm approaching. Clouds had gathered and the fog settled with soft rain beating against the windows. Then came a noise. It wasn’t thunder and it wasn't the rain, it sounded like scratching at the foot of her bed. "Mister Whiskers, …show more content…

The rooms were all locked! You need to stop fibbing!" "I'm not!" "That's enough! Go to bed!" So Eve wiped the tears from her eyes and got ready for bed. When returning to her room Emily was sitting on her bed, "Emily!" She jumped onto her bed and hugged her doll, who was wearing the same exact nightgown. She laid her head on her pillow and drifted away. Few hours later she was awakened by the scratching. She hugged Emily tight and pulled the covers over herself. "No such things as monsters!" She repeated. The covers slowly started to slide of and at the foot of her bed she saw black finger nails pulling on the covers and a shadowy figure creeping up. "Mama..." She whispered. The figure snarled and it's pointed white teeth shown causing Eve to scream. The scream echoed throughout the house waking up Mama sending her rushing into Eve's room. "Eve!" She screamed. Eve wasn't in the room, she scanted the room and when lifting the cover off the ground she found a little doll that looked exactly like Eve. Behind her in the door Eve stood with her arm behind her back. "Hello Mama." Her mother slowly turned. "Eve, who gave you this doll?" "It was the man Mama, the man with the yellow eyes." "Eve I'm not in the mood for games or lies. Who gave you the doll?" "The man with the yellow eyes!" "Eve stop lying!" "I'm not lying!" Said a growling voice from Eve. Her eyes turned yellow and she

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