All Creatures Matter in Richard Conniff’s essay Why God Created Flies

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Humans sometimes get the idea that we are superior to other species and even to other humans. We rarely think about how even the smallest things in our life make the biggest impact and that we,ourselves, are relied on by other animals. We also assume that something so annoying can not possibly be interesting or beneficial to use in anyway. Richard Conniff’s essay “Why God Created Flies” uses various biological and scientific evidence and fact to prove his point that everything in this world affects one another no matter how much we like it or not and that even the smallest creatures have such an awe to them. His essay also points out of human’s dislike of a species can turn around and just hurt us.

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DDT use can lead to horrible effects in humans and we can not become immune to these horrible unlike the flies that we are trying to kill. We think we have all this superiority over little insects when in fact they have the hand over us. Not because they are more intelligent than us but because we are too intelligent for ourselves. Conniff’s essay shows how our own superiority can lead to our demise.

Conniff uses a very general idea to get his readers interested. The idea that flies are annoying is not a new one. Many people complain about the buzzing little animals and I don’t know one person who hasn’t swatted at one. Coniff mentions common places and problems with flies. He starts of the essay by saying how “A fly is standing on the rim of my beer glass as I write these words.” (Conniff, 2) I have had many a fly land of my drinks especially if sweet like lemonade or soda. It happens pretty often especially if I am outside. He also talks about how they fly on your dinner tables and picnics after coming from garbage (Conniff, 3). Flies are always hovering over the trash and then going to your food. This is why it grosses so many people out. If he would have started his article with just facts about how dirty a fly is and how much dirt they can spread he would have lost many readers who don’t want just a boring list of facts. By including things people can relate to he broadens his audience majorly. He has a

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