All My Sons Critical Essay

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All my Sons - Critical Essay
'All my sons' written by Arthur Miller is a dramatic play which shows actions and consequences and morality and studies the theme of idealism verses realism, social responsibility and the American dream. This play takes place after World War II, in the year 1947. The play shows conflict between a Father and a son and how quickly a family can fall apart following a serious revelation. Arthur Miller uses techniques such as characterization, stage directions and a delayed climax to show the conflict between the different characters throughout the play and to help the audience understand the main themes indicated throughout the play.
Arthur Miller makes effective use of the setting to hint at a sense of privacy …show more content…

He also doesn’t believe life needs to be inspiring. But his son Chris has a contrasting personality. He is a listener and a loyal man to his family and friends. Chris is very idealistic which one of the main themes in the play is. He admires his Father and does have a good relationship with him and one day, would take over the business from him although Chris doesn’t particularly want to. We first see a hint of Joe Keller’s personality in the first act when he refuses to read the news section in the newspaper. We presume he’s doing this to avoid all the bad news about the secret that he is keeping from everyone.

One occurring theme throughout the play would be the ‘American Dream’ being when one goes from poor to rich by working hard for it or the ‘Distorted American Dream’ by doing anything, primarily bad to become rich and great. We see this mainly in Joe Keller’s character, who considers himself to be a family man and does what is best for his family. Keller sacrifices other parts of the American Dream for simple economic success. He has given up part of his basic human decency to have a wealthy and a successful family life. We find out how he did this later on in the play and why Miller shows his opinions on the stupidity of the American

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