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1 How to keep your Black Suede Boots Clean
Did you ever wonder why Elvis did not want anyone to step on his suede shoes? Well, if Elvis knew anything about suede, he would know that it hard to clean. It is just ridiculous how your favorite black suede boots could get smudged and muddy within minutes of wearing them outside. However, that does not mean that it is impossible to keep them clean. It just takes more effort than usual and, do not worry, its effort well spent. Here are some ways to keep your suede boots in pristine condition.
Know Where You Are Going
Knowing where you are going is essential to keeping your suede shoes clean. If you are going to go to a muddy place then be prepared to face the proper consequences. It is going to …show more content…

In fact, several styles or types out there work well with various get ups. This means that it is up to you to know which one works with your wardrobe and which does not. Here are some variations on suede boots.
Western, classy and Minnetonka
These three are the some of the most popular kinds of slouch boots out there. The western look is great for those of you who enjoy wearing jeans. Moreover, as the name suggest, it is great for people that enjoy the cowboy feel to their look. The classy look works for women that want that playful yet refined touch with their outfit. The Minnetonka on the other hand, is just plain cute and refreshing for those who like to experiment.
Low, Mid and High Cuts
The cuts refer to how high or how low your slouch boots are. Moreover, they can work to your advantage in a number of ways. Low cuts are usually great for men. They work well with some tight jeans. It is also great for women who enjoy wearing linen pants. The mid and high cuts are great with any gender. They are also more versatile when it comes to wardrobe choices rather than low cuts. Just keep in mind, if you are wearing dark colored jeans then do not wear dark colored boots. Instead, wear dark colored boots to compliment with light colored jeans. 3 Tips on How to pick the best Womens Black Suede Boots
Everybody wants his or her own suede boots. Their sexy, fun, and comfortable, especially womens black suede boots. However, before you buy one out of impulse,

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