Wallace Stevens 'Disillusionment Of Ten O' Clock

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Wallace Stevens falls in the category with America’s most respected poets. Stevens wrote many of poems that got him to that prestigious category. Stevens was born in 1879 in Reading, Pennsylvania and he took his last breath in August 1955 due to cancer. Harvard University is where he was educated on literacy and was very successful at his time spent there. One particular poem he wrote is short poem “Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock” in 1915 and it was published in his first book of poetry at the age of forty-four known as, “Harmonium”. In the book “Harmonium”, Stevens published eighty-five of his best poems that a century later are still contributing to modern day poetry. While reading a poem a reader can have plenty of different thoughts or may interpret the meaning to the poem differently than others. That being said, it all just depends on your knowledge and the way you view things. Not every person is the same, so not everyone is going to agree on the meanings of poems and there is nothing wrong with that. Therefore, the truth about poems is only the writer really knows the meaning and readers can just guess and make assumptions of what they interpret. After reading Stevens poem, “Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock” the beginning seems to be describing a typical dull household that is going to sleep for the night and it puts off a haunted feel because the people are wearing white night gowns that are bland. The second half of the poem talks about how the people in white

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