Allegory is a story that works on two levels. Essay

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Allegory is a story that works on two levels. "Mature readers appreciate the powerful satire on communism gone wrong, while for younger readers it is a hilarious fable of the farmyard."-Animal Farm As explained in the quote above, Animal Farm is a story that works on two levels. One level is simple, and the other one is the more complex and sophisticated. I would like to explain these levels in this essay. But first, I would like to clearly explain what the word allegory means by giving some examples from well-known fables. One of the best examples is the Little Red Riding Hood. I imagine that most of the people in this world knows about this fable. This story is translated in to many languages, in many different countries …show more content…

The book having two levels entertains both the mature and younger readers. This is why this book is read in variety of generations. A 4th grade student can enjoy this book, and also a grown up adult will probably enjoy this book by thinking deeply about what this book is really signifying. So, the simpler level of the book introduces the young readers the joy of reading. The animals represent different people in the book Animal Farm. "Moses claimed to know the existence of a mysterious country called Sugarcandy Mountain" In the quote above, it explains how Moses tries to convince everybody in to believing about the wonderful world Sugarcandy Mountain. Sugarcandy Mountain is just like a paradise for the animals to go to after their death. Sugarcandy Mountain is signifying heaven, and Moses represents religion. This means any religion. Like Moses representing religion, in this book, all the characters represent something or somebody in the Russian revolution. But this book means more. Although this book is based on the Russian revolution, this book is not only about the Russian revolution. The clearest example of this is Napoleon and Snowball. Napoleon represents Stalin. Stalin and Napoleon were both tyrant leaders, who received all the profit with out producing things by them selves. On the other side was Snowball who represents Trotsky.

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