Allies Of Creation: The Coming Tide

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Allies of Creation: The Coming Tide
Prologue: Terror in the Jungle Sounds of thunder echo through the night sky as a meteorite rips its way through Melrune's atmosphere, and streaks across the maroon night sky . At a high rate of speed, the meteorite passes above several large cities, while the fiery visage of the meteor reflects off the fine silver of other cities in the distance. Smaller villages pass underneath as well, but aren't very visible. Small fireballs drop from the sides as it passes over a lush green jungle with Crystal blue rivers that connect to large lakes, which sparkle within gleaming moonbeams. A large mountain blocks the meteor from continuing on its current trajectory, and it collides with the side of the mountain in an …show more content…

You can go get yourself some.” “Well aren't you a dick,” Relaren said as he made his way to the kitchen to get his own cup of water only to find that Tre'nok had poured him one, but just decided to be funny about making him get up and get it. “HAha very funny Tre'nok. It would have saved time if you had just brought it to me. Plus, I did have that type of leather, and told you to shoot me with a bow from a distance. It wasn't my fault you didn't trust me, or think to go for a non vital spot just in case.” as he came back around he saw that Tre'nok had almost reached the balcony. “yeah, like I'm gonna shoot my own brother just to make sure his 'leather' works properly for him.” Tre'nok said as his right hand gripped the balcony rail. Relaren noticed that his eyes were looking off in the distance at something, and he grew serious. “What's wrong brother?” Relaren made his way over to his brother to check out what had him so intrigued. “A star fell from the sky tonight, and I'm curious about what was left behind. I also have someone that pays me for information, and I'm sure he would find this interesting. Would you want to do this with me?” Tre'nok said looking at his brother as he got to his …show more content…

Relaren took his Broadsword, While Tre'nok brought his double-edged battle axe. The two of them ran as fast as they could through the jungle of Joor. Running over and under branches, trunks that curved in and out of the ground, and vines that look like the entrails of some huge race of some sort was draped across the tree branches to dry. They made their way past giant man eater plants, which are purplish green at the base, which blends into a ring of white that is next to blues, mixed with green shades of color, a snake with toxic spines on its back coiled around its dinner, and a couple of Gazelk running along one of the many rivers that outline the landscape. The two of them have great stamina, and are able to make it there shortly before two in the morning. The sky is clear, and the stars are seen in all their transfixing beauty. The moon is almost full tonight, which allows Tre'nok and Relaren to see the surrounding area clearly. They know the explosion caused by the ball of fire must have been pretty big, but never did they think it was powerful enough to clear out all the plant life in what must have been a five hundred foot

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