Alligator Crack Research Paper

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Alligator cracks in your asphalt driveway look similar to the scales on an alligator or like a spider web on your driveway. These cracks are not very deep, but they are long and widespread across your concrete. One crack is generally connected to another crack, hence the term alligator crack or spider web crack. These cracks are common on asphalt driveways and are easy to fix if you have the right supplies. Supplies You are going to need three different supplies for this project. First, you are going to need to purchase some alligator asphalt patch. This type of patch is slightly different than cold pour cracks; it dries faster and harder than cold pour crack material. Second, you are going to need to purchase an asphalt squeegee. You can purchase an asphalt squeegee in a variety of different lengths; you may want to go with a longer model asphalt squeegee in order to get your work done faster.…show more content…
Alligator cracks stay repaired better when you seal your asphalt after you repair the crack. Repairing Alligator Cracks Repairing alligator cracks is pretty simple process. First, you are going to want to take the package of alligator patch and pour a generous amount in the middle of the area where the alligator crack is spread out and dominating your concrete. Second, use your asphalt squeegee to spread out the alligator patch material so that the entire alligator crack is covered. You want to apply a thin layer of alligator patch on all of the crack; make sure that you follow the crack out to the ends of the
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