Alone Maya Angelou Analysis

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“Alone” by Maya Angelou presents the idea that everyone needs someone to live in this cruel world; isolation won’t lead to success, thus all of us need someone to make it in life. The tone of the poem is very thoughtful and sad. The speaker is lying in bed continuously pondering about life and how to achieve happiness, “How to find my soul a home.” The speaker then posits an answer to their question, “That nobody, / But nobody, / Can make it out here alone” stating that humanity is only best when people come together. This is also repeated at the end of every stanza to emphasize the theme of the poem. The opening stanza brings us to a thoughtful, yet sad tone, in which the speakers lets us know what’s on their mind on a sleepless night. The use of assonance contributes to the tone, where she uses long o’s throughout the poem, but primarily in the first stanza, “my soul a home,” “loaf is not stone,” and “alone.” This brings out a more mellow, sad tone towards the poem which relates to how she feels at that moment, about finding their community. The speaker also applies personification on the fourth line, “where water is not thirsty” giving human characteristics to water. This generally can mean that wherever she finds her community or companion she hopes for water to be abundant. Yet, this can also mean that being lonely causes hunger and thirst. In addition to the assonance and personification, the poem also rhymes in the stanzas. Although, there’s no precise form or

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