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Alphonse “Scarface'; Capone
     Alphonse Capone was born on January 17, 1899. He grew up in rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY where he would attend school only up to the sixth grade, when dropped out. Capone got his nickname “Scarface'; from a knife attack by the brother of a woman whom Capone had insulted. The attack left him with three scars across his face and a new nickname.
     Capone joined his first gang when he became part of the James Street Gang, headed by the well-known Johnny Torrio. In 1920, upon the request of Torrio, Capone went to work for Johnny’s Uncle, Big Jim Colosimo. Colosimo was
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     Capone was able time and time again to avoid criminal charges, and became a true racketeer, an art of its own. Ironically, the government finally was able to put Scarface behind bars on charges of federal income tax evasion. He was sentenced to eleven years in prison. Eleven years that couldn’t even be saved by the four million-dollar bribe offered by Capone’s attorneys.
     In 1934 Capone was transferred to Alcatraz, and in 1939 he was paroled. Suffering from syphilis that had begun to drive him insane, Capone knew he could no longer run his Chicago empire, so he retired to his Miami Beach mansion. The exact place where on January 25, 1947 Alphonse “Scarface'; Capone died.
     In 1920 when prohibition became law, a large portion of the population still wanted alcohol. But not many were willing to put themselves at risk to sell it to others. Some did take advantage of prohibition, but none more than Al Capone. With the rise of the telephone, the increase of automobiles, the invention of the Thompson machine guns Capone was able to create an illegal empire like no other.
When in came to bootlegging during the time of prohibition, Capone knew how to get to people, and how to make a huge profit out of it. Another thing Capone was good at was avoiding the law. Whether he blackmailed someone or he talked his way out of it, he

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