Alternative Ending to Mockingjay Essay

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Gale must be near, I can hear his heart pounding. I am running desperately through the emptiness of what seems to be a corridor, it’s all white, just like most of the Capitol security buildings. I take a right, and then a left, but something makes me come to a complete stop; ten feet in front of me, an automatic and bright sliding door stands. I just hope that I am not being recorded by the security cameras, because if I am, my life has already been condemned to die within a few minutes. No one knows that I am here, except for Cinna. I am acting on behalf of his plan. So far, Cinna’s plan is being precise, but, I don’t recall this being part of Cinna’s arrangement, something doesn’t seem right. I face the door, trying to slide it open, but …show more content…

Confused, the door remains closed, but what used to be the small green screen, is now crimson. Maybe this really is the end of my life, and the red light is a foreshadow of my death. Surprisingly, on the red light, there is something written in white, bold letters that calls my attention. It's really small, but I attempt to read it. It reads ’Remember Katniss, I’m still betting on you'.

Cinna. He must’ve known about the door and the security passcode. It’s good knowing that he’s still alive. What will happen to him if the Capitol finds out that he hacked into the security system, intended for President Snow’s use only. It’s just a matter of a few seconds when the door in front slides open.

Behind it, there is no white corridor, instead, I find myself trapped, again, in a very dark and small room. The second my right foot steps inside the room, I notice that Gale is either unconscious or dead laying on the floor, not moving, with blood all over his face, and his upper body being supported by a bright and white desk. As I quickly walk towards him, I acknowledge blood fingerprints all over the desk. As if someone injured had been trying to get something from the desk. “Gale!” I run towards him "What have they done to you?” I cry. His response is dull, I just hope he’s not dead. With the little strength that’s left of me, I make an effort to make his feet touch the ground and I give him a kiss on the

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